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About Intertax

Your International Tax Advisor

Capture123InterTax provides two major services: tax compliance and tax consultation. It specializes in international taxation issues.

InterTax is an outstanding accounting and tax firm known for its combination of personal service with a global reach. Founded in 1996 during an economic downturn, it soon emerged as a prominent professional international tax firm. Due to its vision and strategic goal of “quality over quantity,” it has become better known as a quality tax firm.

InterTax was founded by Ms. May Ho.  May graduated from National Chenchi University of Taiwan, and graduated with honors from the Master of Science in Taxation program in the Department of Accounting at San Francisco State University. May holds Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licenses from both America (California) and Taiwan. She has founded a number of successful businesses, including an award-winning newspaper and InterTax.

InterTax started its operations in the Sunset District of San Francisco, but soon the business expanded to the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Services quickly extended to East Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. InterTax thus had to merge two offices into a new home, the beautiful and classic Hearst Building in the San Francisco Financial District, the West Coast’s center of global trade.
Analysts have pointed out some of the reasons for the success of InterTax.  InterTax is International; InterTax is Interpersonal, and InterTax successfully utilizes the Internet.


From day one, InterTax focused its efforts on serving small business and individuals who need international tax strategies. Through its 21 years of experience, multilingual services, and the high demand of international tax services, InterTax has become the leading expert in international tax issues, especially relating to inbound and outbound investments and immigration between the U.S. and Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.


Tax services are personal. InterTax maintains a boutique firm size and provides a personal approach for its clients by avoiding the temptation to merge with other CPA firms. It emphasizes knowledge and research through intensive employee training by investing in internet-based research, new technology processing, and tax seminars. InterTax also provides interpersonal services through sharing and informing. Because May has received enormous support from the tax services industry over the years, she generously shares her research and analyses with other tax professionals in return.

Internet and media

InterTax has been one of the earliest adopters of state-of-the-art computer and Internet technologies that include websites, e-cabinets, e-file, SKYPE, and cloud computing. These new technologies helped InterTax penetrate geological boundaries to provide international clients with interpersonal services. InterTax also serves society with up-to-date tax information and knowledge through the Internet and mass media. Over the years, May has regularly granted interviews to TV and radio programs, magazines, and the internet. She is also an accomplished writer who has published numerous professional articles and two books: Green Cards & Taxes and Love & Money. She speaks frequently to CPA societies and chambers of commerce and other community associations in the U.S. and Taiwan.

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Contact Intertax

Telephone: 1(415) 564-3755

Fax: 1(415) 329-2818

Address: 2574 16th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94116

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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