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Letter Regarding COVID-19

A Letter to Our Clients

As the global Coronavirus pandemic approaching us, we face the challenges on our health and the disruption of our daily life. For those who are impacted or even ill, our hearts go out to you, and we wish you a speedy and complete recovery. 

To prevent the spread of the pandemic, San Francisco Bay Area counties have implemented Shelter-in-place policy. California Governor also ordered all Californians to stay home last night. Before the Shelter-in-Place policy took place, InterTax had implemented a work-from-home policy starting last week. We’ve temporarily closed our two offices and ceased to meet clients face to face, thanks to modem technology, our IT specialist, and employees, we set up our system in just a few days and our services has been in full function. The closure does not interrupt our services.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, IRS announced today that both the tax filing and payment deadlines are extended to July 15, 2020. California also extended return filing and tax payment dates to July 15, 2020. If you would like to know the updated state filing guidelines, please link to AICPA website:

We still encourage you to file and pay your taxes as soon as possible to avoid the traffic later. In addition, bunching all taxes and estimated taxes in one quarter may cause financial problem to some of you. But, if you are not able to collect the information or pay your taxes now or would like to take advantage of the interest-free “loan” by delaying your tax payments, you may do so.

It is more important than ever that we stay connected so we can support you and your business during this truly unprecedented situation. A phone call is the easiest way. You may call me at 415-347-7666 during office hours. If you can’t reach me, please call my cellphone at 415-810-0545. There are many other ways that we can send documents to each other. I would like to share with you the following methods:

  1. Portal: We have subscribed to the cloud file sharing service named “Portal” with our software company for years. This is the most secure way to share documents between us. You can scan or take pictures of your documents and upload them to the Portal. Please email or call us before you send us the documents. My assistants will send you a portal link.
  2. Email: We will send you the Encrypted files through email if you choose not to use Portal. You may email us the documents, but that is not secured.
  3. Drop off or mail: you can mail or drop off your documents to these two locations: 
    • 342 Delano Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112
    • 2574 16th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94116 
  4. Fax: you can still fax us the documents. Our fax number is 415-347-7687


There are some more ways to send the documents to us, but it will not be as secure as the Portal:

  1. Messages: you can take photos and send photos through cellphone messages. My cell phone number is 415-810-0545.  
  2. WeChat (微信): my Wechat ID is IntertaxCPA. You can also use my cellphone number 415-810-0545 to search for my account. 
  3. Line (): my Line ID is mayhocpa. If you can’t find me, please search my cellphone number 415-810-0545 and add me as your friend.
  4. WhatsApp: Please use 415-810-0545 to search for my ID. 
  5. Facetime: face to face conversation. 415-810-0545


When you send me the invitation to be your friend at the above social media, please identify who you are. I don’t accept a stranger’s invitation.   

We understand that for some reason you may decide not to use these modern technologies or have problems using them. In that case, please give us a call. We will find the best way to help you.

We understand that it is a very difficult time for all of us. I wish you safe and healthy.

Warm regards,


May Ho, CPA

President, InterTax Inc.


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